About Isis Kali’s Lush Life

So, who are you?

Jeanette Ponder, aka Isis Kali, is 28 years old. A resident of northern New Jersey, I am a lifelong performing artist. I went to a snooty, all girls’ private school, then attempted to go to college when I was 16. Well, that didn’t work (and yes, I did get accepted. It’s my mother’s doing), so I then attended Sarah Lawrence College for a year and a half. I studied voice (I was a lyric soprano) and statistics/new media.

I’ve been an exotic dancer, dominatrix, wardrober and dresser for Cirque du Soleil, retail maven, fitness club assistant manager, and then some. I’ve been on the stage of Lincoln Center, sang in front of a blazing campfire in a camp of “royals”, done aerial dance, and then some more. I’ve done a lot, and I’m not finished.

What made you start Lush Life?

This is a labor of love and sharing. After a long time searching for a way to give back to the Earth, I’ve figured out that my charm, grace, and amazing bullshiting ability seems to make people think. If I can use all of the stuff from my past to make someone’s life better, than I’ve served my purpose.

Oh, and I’m not working right now. Ahem.


Why call it Lush Life?

I’m calling this blog Lush Life because, frankly, living a lush life is the way to go. You don’t need lots of money to do it, either. You just need to have an appreciation for the sensual, and I’m not talking sex. By surrounding yourself with things that have tactile, aural, visual, and mental appeal, you enrich your life. Through that, you improve the lives of others around you.

For instance, my room was like a dorm for the longest time; the energy was stagnant and unconducive to positive personal growth. I made scads of pillows for my bed from remnants, bought some cheap curtains from IKEA, and got some plant. I did feng shui. I started to meditate. I threw out old crap. Well, my room feels better. As a result, I feel better. And that’s the lush life. That’s just the surface of what I can help you find, if you’d like.


Is this blog about sex?

Sigh. No, no, it isn’t. However, passion and love are a huge part of well-being, and they’re all-consuming. I am also very sensual myself, and don’t mind at all sharing that side of myself through my writing. Therefore, many posts center around love, relationships, and sensuality. There’s nothing pornographic. However, I would ask that if you’re under 18, you not enter the messages marked “18 and over, please”.

Wow, your stuff is fabulous! What’s in your future with this blog?

Great. Wonderful! Do me a huge favor…Digg my entries, add me to your del.icio.us bookmarks, and tell your friends about me. Sign up for my mailing list. Most of all, PASS THE WORD. I want to open a forum in the future, and I need all of you wonderful folk to come with your friends and talk.




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