When feminism and attractiveness collide

OK…this whole thing about feminists needing to hide away with hairy armpits and uncut hair needs to DIE.

I found a really neat blog entry by candyposes, who is a nude model that actually got turned down for a job because she’s a feminist. What, does the photog think that she’s going to snap and plaster him with NOW stickers?

The new wave of feminism is still trying to decide if it stands for open sexuality and the frank appreciation of the female form, or if it stands for restriction, censure of our own drives for pleasure and appreciation, and glorification of sensuality. We need to come to a consensus. No wonder girls are confused with what they see in the media today!

There are so many conflicting messages. Look at the Paris Hiltons of the world. Look at them showing off their coochies to all and sundry, with no real reverence for what they have between their legs. Then, look at the other side…women who fight against the rights of sex workers, or deride exotic dancers, or call miniskirts slutty and degrading. Neither view helps, and the reluctance of the old garde to acknowledge the reality of the new hobbles feminism from really becoming a solid part of American society.

Anyway, visit candyposes’ site, Feminism Without Clothes. She’s got some lovely pics, and she’s very interesting.

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~ by isiskali on January 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “When feminism and attractiveness collide”

  1. WHY do feminists need to come to a consensus? Do you have to give up your individuality and personal perspectives to be a feminist?

    Rather than viewing the media as ‘sending mixed messages about feminism’, perhaps it should be viewed as sending a message that feminism is mixed…

  2. Oh, trust me, I agree with you. The consensus should be that there are different ways to be a feminist.

    I don’t think that vapidity is a mark of any type of feminism, though, and the media defiinitely glorifies the Parises of the world as being role models of a sort.

  3. […] When feminism and attractiveness collide […]

  4. […] When feminism and attractiveness collide […]

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