Gizmodo’s Top 10 Blogger Babes…ok, where are the men?!?!

It seems that the popular techie blog, Gizmodo, has stooped to appealing to geek lust. They have a pictorial of 10 female blog writers that are supposedly hawt!

Well, here’s an interesting to-do. First of all…where are the hot guys? Hey, I like man candy. I’m sure that a lot of Gizmodo’s readership like it, too, considering that it’s one of the most read blogs in the world. Second, unless the ladies are made of microchips, who the hell cares? Last I checked, Gizmodo wasn’t a rating site. It’s not “Hot or Not?”, nor is it an LJ rating group full of teens going, “Oooooh! Look at meee! Am I pretty?” They can open up a blog for geek chick love, or something, but this (albeit consensual) objectification of women in a tech blog is just plain silly. I say objectification, because…”WHERE ARE THE GUYS?!?!”

It’s always nice to be appreciated for your looks. I can understand why they would pose for this; it’s exposure for their work, and they get attention from it. Society isn’t made up of a bunch of nuns and priests. What I don’t understand is…WHERE ARE THE GUYS?!?!

The entry is here, if you want to look at their picks (and their pics).

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~ by isiskali on January 8, 2007.

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