Loathsome dating site redux

ETA: Here’s a recent pic.

Perhaps it was the cranberry juice talking. I think it was boredom, and a bit of masochism.

Whatever the story, I decided to peruse WealthyMen.com and HotEnough.org, pretty much for shits and giggles. After all, who would date one of the asses from these sites? This trial took place over about 4 days.

Wealthy Men boasts “a verified selection of men making more than $100,000 a year.” Suuuuuure. Not so. Not even close, I don’t think. Men have to go through an arduous process to prove their income, and women are invited to send a copy of their driver’s licenses to verify that they are who their pics say they are- no impostor chicks, in other words. That’s what they say, but I’m a bit doubtful on both counts.

HotEnough.org, on the other hand, claims that you have to be “an 8 out of 10” to get membership. They put your pic up on the site, wait for 25 members to vote on you, and then you’re in or out. After that, you supposedly have to maintain a rating of 8 or higher to keep your dating privileges. The preview pages of the site offer you no looks at any profiles, and the site actually looks pretty crappy and cheap. I think a halfway bored high schooler could have done a better job, personally, but that’s my opinion.

My ad for both was simple and fun, and I put up some cute, sexy pics showed my bod off pretty well (I was wearing a bikini in one). I said that I was 24 (hahahaha!), in school (no, not quite yet at the time), and that I was looking for someone strong and kinda Alpha around the edges (thanks, romantic erotica novels!). For HotEnough, I did have to submit a face pic, so I sent in one of my blue denim halter dress shots as well, because I think I look pretty hot in those pics.

I got a response from Wealthy Men first. The guy was fugly like woah. I mean, he was so ugly that I think that God started to cry when he came out of the heavenly oven. God then threw him out of Heaven to the ugly orchard, where he then hit every branch of every tree on the way down. But, hey! He makes $200,000 a year. Uh, no. The only other answer I get is one from a guy with no pic and absolutely nothing to say for himself. The selection of men is pretty lame, with an age range from 22 to 65. So, you have rich boys spreading herpes, midlife crisis sufferers cheating on their wives, and old men that really need to use up that black market Viagra that they got just last week. Lame site. Laaaaaaaame.

Their new ad campaign has been popping up on MySpace, as well. I wish it wasn’t. I wish that I didn’t have to gouge my eyes out, but I do. The women look like Paris Hilton on a bender. I notice that the ads targeted toward men are a lot more predatory in their tone. They say, “You work hard. Now play hard.” The missing comma in the last sentence is the least of this concept’s problems. So…your ad campaign targeted for women is pretty simple, and emphasizes meeting wealthy men. Okay. But, your ad for men is about racking up points? Let’s face it: anyone on these sites actually looking for someone who values their minds, not their bodies, is due for a major upset. Yet, it would be nice for them to at least be honest about their wealth-based concept for adult dating/vapid hookups.

What about HotEnough, you ask? Well, yeah. It turns out that I wasn’t hot enough. I only rated a 5.9 out of 10. That shouldn’t sting, but it kinda does. But…I have to say some things about this site:

1) Out of the first 300 applications to the site, only 50 were selected.

2) In their ads, they have NO Blacks, Asians (oh, wait! There’s a token Asian), Latinos, or Indians. In other words, there are no minorities. Usually, a smart ad campaign includes a representative sample of the population. Even if there were 25 minorities on the site, there would probably be one in one of the ads. Nope. Never. I think that the girls that hang out down the Shore in the summertime and have a tanning membership would have a grand old time on this site. You can be as selective as you want…but, uh, it’s gonna be hard to date if you have a membership of 5000 spread internationally, if even that many. That could account for the low quality of their site, along with the cheap advertising.

Lately, I haven’t seen many ads for Hot Enough. Even though they were featured on Howard Stern’s show at one time, I really do think that their selectivity is their death knell. And, they have special offers just for their members? Oh, like what? I already have good contacts for all the best parties in the city through MySpace alone. What the hell does this site offer that would make simple, hassle-free networking seem like a worse deal? I’m guessing not much.

So…my experience can be summed up like this: gimmicky sites are for gimmicky people. Do not try a dating site unless you’re really, really normal. Like, killer normal. Or, rilly, rilly HOT!

PS- this is the pic that I sent in for HotEnough: jeanette_03.jpgcredit to Tarilyn Quinn at UnScene.com

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~ by isiskali on January 7, 2007.

16 Responses to “Loathsome dating site redux”

  1. […] Loathsome dating site redux […]

  2. […] Ponder presents “Loathsome dating site redux” posted at Isis Kali’s Lush Life, saying, “When dating sites go horribly […]

  3. Hi. I’m a reporter working on a story about hotenough.org and would like to talk to you about it. Please e-mail me at dmfe928@gmail.com (not my official address for security purposes) if you’re interested! I hope to hear from you.

  4. Your’re getting famous – another reporter here looking to talk to you. I’m with a paper based in NYC. How can I reach you?

  5. I am a non single, non-minority male who makes way more than $100000. I am not looking for any kind of relationship. But I wanted to reassure you: you are certainly 8+

  6. You made the Tom Leykis show with this story, so prepare yourself for serious server surges.

    I think you’re adorable, but who knows. I suspect that there may be a racial bias, as well. I mean, the *founder* is an 8.5? Not in this lifetime.

  7. “I am a non single, non-minority male who makes way more than $100000.”

    What a loser. He thinks that by citing how much money he makes he is somehow validating his opinion. Proof that money can’t by class.

    Anyway, sure you are pretty but you kind of fall down a couple of notches by slammin on those sites then citing MySpace for support of how popular you are. It’s like watching two popular kids from school argue over who has more friends. In the end, both sides end up looking extremely shallow.

  8. Thanks Lady…I enjoyed the HELL out this post. The whole hottie fixation makes me giggle. I’ve met the men who married them 20 years back…and discovered that an IQ didn’t come with the pretty package. I guess you have to talk to them sometime!


  9. You’re very good looking, but not legendary. I’d say you’d not make 8 myself but I still find you to be rather attractive and just fine. People looking for the best always get screwed in the end because mantaining the best is nearly impossible and after a while just vainity with no enjoyment.

  10. Thanks, everyone, for finding me! I’m sorry…I feel like I’m taking so long to get back to people, so I apologize for that.

    PV- Heh. Thanks, but why does money matter? I doesn’t, not really.

    Klich – Looking for the best is an exercise in frustration because we’re all HUMAN. What happens when the boobies start sagging and stuff? Looks cannot be the basis for permanency. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement.

    Imakemore…- Not necessarily. Myspace, at least, gives you a chance to express yourself. Yes, you’re still a bunch of pixels, but you’re a bunch of pixels with a sense of humor and other attributes.

    communicatrix – Awesome name, by the by. The racial bias…I definitely think that there is that, and I’m not one to ever toot that particular horn. If you have such a low number of people that are able to self-select, then chances are they are going to be biased towards homogeny. It’s not something overt, but something that just happens. I’ll tell you, the ads don’t help their case. At least, not the ones that were running on MySpace for the longest, you know?

    Celeste – email me at isiskalislushlife at gmail dot com. I’ll be glad to talk to you.

    Please, enjoy the rest of the site, and check out the actual live one. Thank you for your time!

  11. Thanks for being willing to be a guinea pig for the rest of us who are curious but don’t have the time — or guts — to get rated. You’ve done us all a service.

    I was going to write about the hotornot site in my blog, Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40, but I doubt many midlife people would be rated an 8 by the judges, who no doubt are like the owner in the 20-35 year old range. I mean if *you* only got a 5.9 and you’re lovely and fit, what is the chance for others who aren’t so bodacious? Although there are beautiful midlife folks, I’m afraid our “look” may not be what that site is after.

    Dating Goddess
    Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40

  12. After looking at what they considered hot for that site. I’d say that you’re a super model. Good god, I’m not exactly a perfect 10 myself, but these people look creepy, by the way your second picture seems a lot better for some reason. By the way, do you do modeling or something? Because that photo looks professional.

  13. I think you’re right. Money is nothing. It can’t buy true love. I ever met a pretty women, who married a rich man. But she told me that she felt unhappy. She has no freedom at all. Then she couldn’t stand any more and divorced with that crude man. She called me last month and told me that she found her true love in a site called MillionaireMatch.com. That man is not very rich but quite kind-hearted and humorous. That’s enough. Right?

  14. hi Jeanette

    I think your pretty and you dont need these ignorant and big-headed guys form HotEnough greetz from Germany

  15. Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  16. […] Ponder presents “Loathsome dating site redux” posted at Isis Kali’s Lush Life, saying, “When dating sites go horribly […]

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