Letting Go: The Perils Of The Conscious Heart

A wise woman of my acquaintance reminds me often that, “Isis, it’s hard to live consciously.” It is. It’s refreshing to open the mind and spirit, feeling energy pulse through you as you meditate. You see, deep, cleansing meditation is like opening the doors to the soul. It’s so amazing to be so connected to Source that you actually move with the energy running through you (this happens to me as I meditate). The day seems shorter, work seems more redeeming, and it feels as if nothing can keep you down.

The biggest problem with conscious, spiritual living, however, is the inevitable whacks that hit you every so often. Whacks like realizing that friends are not really friends, but simply acquaintances. Or, viewing pictures of a past lover that end up feeling like a kick in the stomach. When you’re living in spirit, and your energy is open and flowing…well, I think that you feel things in their purest form. There are no lies, then. The truth will out. You are Icarus, whether you like it or not.

Vivid experiences such as these remind you of the responsibility that comes with choosing to connect with your core, and with the all-encompassing forces that surround everyone on this planet. If you choose to pull the tiger’s tail, the tiger may laugh…and he’ll bite, at some point. Those who rise the highest fall the furthest, right? There is no way to hide from the truths of thwarted emotion, or the sting of friendships that are past their prime.

The learning curve of conscious living is a steep one. Until one can keep that strong connection to source open and free, even in grief, it can be said that the hardest lessons are to come. It’s a difficult task to become still enough to let go and allow; harder still is the lesson of allowing when a wounded heart doesn’t want to admit to defeat.


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~ by isiskali on January 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Letting Go: The Perils Of The Conscious Heart”

  1. Nice. Niiiice!

    This is how I’m tryin’ to live these days: bein’ aware that some things and/or relationships weren’t (or aren’t) meant to be, no matter how badly I wanted them. I look back on the times where my heart wanted to go places that were forbidden to me but reality sets in (thankfully) to let me know that it can’t or won’t happen. As it turns out it was the best thing ’cause it was either something I really didn’t need in the first place or that person was better off with someone else. I didn’t look on this negatively (i.e., “I don’t think I’m worthy”), just realistically (priorities before pleasures, until I’m set to do it right). Didn’t feel all that great about it at the time, but compared to the alternative, it was better off that way. Bein’ older and wiser (and surroundin’ myself around smarties like yourself), I’ve avoided some serious embarrassin’ episodes. Yet again, I’m in your debt. Thanx again.


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