41 Things: Intuitive Emotion Conquers All

Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache.

In my last column, I mentioned that it pays to be aware of your gut feelings in relation to physical safety. Now, I’m going to take you back to a major point that I’ve stressed throughout: listening to your gut to avoid unnecessary pain and heartbreak.

Ahhhh…but here’s the trick: how do you tell the difference between paranoia, fear, delusion, and intuition? It’s simple. Do whatever gives birth to love, not to pain, and you’re on the right track.

I believe that intuition is self-love in a functional, practical form. In other words, intuition is the guidance system that attempts to bring us through life situations in a healthy, productive manner. Therefore, receiving intuition is to open yourself up to love. Letting intuition actually do its job puts you in a good emotional place. You’re happier because you trust yourself, and you trust your sense of love. This brings joy, which is a high and positive energy that will become all-pervasive. Intuition is energy and love, recycled into positive forward movement.

You can tell when you’re using intuition to guide you by how it feels. OK, OK, I hear you groaning. But, it’s true! I can tell you right now it’s true. When I do what my soul wants to me do, and I follow my true path, I actually feel a visceral reaction. It’s like the air around me is lighter. There’s more confidence in my step. Smiles come easy. It’s that great feeling that comes when you take the wrong train and end up at your family’s house, out of nowhere. You know that it’s meant to be, and that there is a meaning and a message behind that decision. You are attracted to the love that is a product of that choice, because intuition will only guide you to places that produce positivity in the end. The train example is true; me, a longtime NJ Transit commuter, took the wrong train to get home. It ended up that the train stopped in my family’s neighborhood, and I was able to make a visit to my grandfather that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. I felt that I should go, and it was a good thing that I did; I knew that he could use my company on some hidden level. More confirmation of my correct choice came when the conductors, both of them a bit on the gruff side, didn’t even charge me for the mix-up! I felt so happy and good after I left, too.

Intuition mixes hand in hand with experiences that are filled with wonder. Synchronous events may occur, signaling that a particular choice is appropriate. Take the ticket example. Perfect timing, a free trip, and a ride to Penn Station afterward. I knew I was in the right place at the right time, because the Universe made it very apparent in several ways. Things fall together. The energy sent out by the love of your correct actions will pull toward you things to ease your way.

The more negative feelings, such as paranoia, don’t make for magical or loving experiences. In fact, they makes for messes. Everyone has seen or heard of the couple that is torn apart by unwarranted jealousy. When you’re around people in that situation, don’t you just feel the cognitive dissonance, on some level? I do. I feel like there’s a brick wall of crap that’s just building up, and that both parties are just kind of butting into it, repeatedly. The energy and love doesn’t flow as it should, and negativity radiates outward. It’s almost like poison. Since love and self-trust aren’t cultivated by these emotions, everything seems to go to pieces.

It’s funny. When you’re afraid, for example, you start asking everyone and their mother about what they think. There is absolutely not a bit of trust in your own good opinion. Opinions are like assholes- everyone has one. The mistrust of your inner guidance system’s ability to make it’s own decisions will not only drive you and your friends nuts, it’ll murder your chances of getting through the problem or situation at hand.

So, let’s apply this to relationships. In the case of fear, the above example would be tantamount to a man running to each of his pals with, “Yeah, so she said that she can’t go out Saturday, but her ex is in town, and I don’t know. She wants to see him. What do you think? No, really. What should I do? Blahblahblah…” There’s the bitter, jaded friend who suggests that the chick is a horrid slut. There’s the soft touch, who says that she’s probably just hanging out with her girls and may need closure because of her past trauma. There’s your poker buddy, saying that he thought he saw her walking around the mall with some guy, but he’s not sure. Opinions…assholes. By the time all is said and done, the man has been virtually reprogrammed, and he’s on the warpath. He turns into a jerk. The girl tells him off for his jerkiness…and lets slip that the ex is now gay and wanted her to meet his new boyfriend, Lance. Great. So much for all that wonderful advice.

What his gut had said, however, is that the girl is sweet, caring, and good. She’s reliable. OK. She has plans. It’s that simple. Your intuition deals in reality, not supposition. Fear, et al., deal in supposition, not reality. His mistrust and suspicion ran rampant, creating anger and negativity. The end result of his attitude is just as negative.

Like I said previously, intuition doesn’t mix well with ego impulses. Negativity, many times, is food for the ego. It’s a way to save face, guard yourself, and create distance. When you have doubts about something, I cannot stress the importance of just stopping and asking, “What am I afraid of? What’s the reality here?” Just that two seconds of clarity will allow the smoke to clear from most problems. It’ll be easy to see why and how you’re going about things. If you swear up and down that Mr. Perfect is a cheater, ask yourself, “Why do I think that? What am I afraid of?” Really think. Is there honest-to-goodness evidence, or is it that you don’t like the fact that he’s out for the weekend with his boys? Is the evidence there? Intuition will let you know right away if someone is to be believed or not. Fear will need some time to grow. It won’t be there right away. Ego doesn’t allow for speedy decisions, either; it needs fodder and energy to grow. You have to think about the problem, pick at it, and make it big to bring it into existence. Intuition is instant. That vibration is truth. It will be in your face that moment it’s born.

As far as protecting yourself from heartbreak, the inner guidance system will throw up warning signals if you’re on the road to making a mistake. Intuition will ease your path, but thwarting it can make things a bit problematic. If you have a date with someone, and find that all the trains are running late, your tights rip, and $20 goes missing from your wallet beforehand, think. You are, perhaps, projecting a call to the Universe to stop things from happening! Your surroundings are like a movie screen, and are showing in the most tangible way what you need to know. With all the hassle, it’ll become obvious that your choice is tiresome, not worth the bother, or unhealthy.

It’s also inevitable that our intuition will lead us toward painful truths, confrontation, and breakups. We need these to keep us real. Sometimes good sense has to come through pain. With each of those hurts, though, a little bit of the ego falls by the wayside. I believe that this is what makes it possible to get better and better at the relationship game. Notice that the married couples together for 50 years or so seem to exist in a constantly flowing, accepting state. This is because there’s very little ego to defend. These couples are turning into a rarity nowadays, thanks to a society that glorifies the ego. But, I digress…

Let me tell you…opening yourself up to tangible manifestations of intuitive thoughts is one of the coolest and most gratifying things you can do. I’ve been doing it more lately, and it makes life seem almost magical at times! I’ve had situations fall together in ways that made me feel like Cinderella. This past week, in fact, I had an entire day of beauty before an important night out for about $30. I got to get my hair, nails, waxing, and skin taken care of on a day that was originally so tightly scheduled that it would be a miracle to get a quick manicure! Things fell together that perfectly for me. I felt like a million bucks, and I had a blast that night. If I had not relented, released control, and allowed things to happen, I wouldn’t have felt nearly as beautiful or good as I did. Something told me to just go with the flow, to trust…and it was amazing.

Think about what wonderful emotional experiences can come about by simply giving up control, ego, and fear. You’ll be glad that you did.

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~ by isiskali on January 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “41 Things: Intuitive Emotion Conquers All”

  1. Effin’. Awesome.

    I’ve been employin’ this technique ever since my seperation, and I can’t tell you how close I came to botchin’ up some real friendships! It was just like you wrote it: I get a mental
    “ping!” just before I start to do something or even THINK of doin’ it, and I really start to question it. Sure enough, my gut feeling would be right! It’s just so crazy how this thing works! My only wish is my “pings” were a little louder….they’re usually drowned out by overwhelming wants and needs. Once I find the volume on that, though…it’s a wrap!

    This was just what I needed to read to start my year off right!

    You are my external “ping”!


  2. […] 41 Things: Intuitive Emotion Conquers All […]

  3. […] 41 Things: Intuitive Emotion Conquers All […]

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