The Descent of Inanna, Part Two

And so, Inanna became another of the Underworld: cold, stiff, and still in the darkness.

Ereshkigal sighed and looked at the girl’s pale, lifeless form swaying in front of her. For amusement’s sake, she had ordered the young Queen’s arms to be bound so that she could hang from the ceiling.

Like a piece of meat left in the sun, Inanna had already began to show signs of the little bit of mortality she possessed. Flies were circling her head, landing in her fair hair; the faint scent of rot started to come from her. The Underworld was not kind to bodies, after all. The Underworld was not kind to anyone; that was not its place in the Universe. Instead, the darkness consumed and wore through all matter of things, whether it be Goddess or mortal.

“The purpose,” Ereshkigal whispered half to herself, half to the corpse, “is to come to complete terms with all sides of life. Let me assure you, it is not pretty, and it is not rosy. We find so many reasons to avoid the past, to walk past our reckonings, not realizing that they will come to catch us in the end. And you, Inanna, will remember that lesson for a long time to come.”

Ninshubur stopped her pacing in an instant. Could that possibly be her lady coming from the cavern, rising from the kur, in complete safety? It would be a wonderful thing, for it had already been nearly two days since Inanna had gone on her foolish and transparent quest to visit her sister, Queen Ereshkigal. Not one word. Not one! Surely, if all was right, the guard would have come and told them to relax, or to refresh themselves as honored guests of Queen Ereshkigal’s house. Yet nothing had arrived.

Something was amiss.

She recalled the names on the list that Inanna had insisted on her remembering: Enlil, the God of Air, followed by Nanna, the God of the Moon, and the Enki, the God who had given her lady those foolish trinkets. There was no telling if they would actually be of service, but it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking of convincing entreaties to turn their ears.

However, there was one more sun rising and moon to go. After that, Ninshubur would do as she was told. She would approach the Gods themselves for aid, and to travel to the dangerous Underworld for the sake of the Queen.


Cold…so, so cold. I have never felt so cold, and there is nowhere to go. Everyone has forsaken me! It’s been an eternity, and I’m trapped for an eternity more. Those who usually save me…where are they? What have I done to deserve this abandonment? What have I done to deserve such a complete and utter murder of all that is my soul?


The body was now putrifying. Soon, Inanna would be no more. Her lesson would be complete, and Ereshkigal would be at peace. But oh, Gods, the pain! What had begun as a little twinge of discomfort in her stomach after Inanna’s judgement and subsequent execution had blossomed into excruciating torment. It felt as if she was being turned inside out. Whatever had brought this on was a mystery to Ereshkigal. She had not eaten anything untoward; her appetite had stalled, leaving her loathe to look at the plates of food set before her. Certainly, she was not expecting a child! Yet the pain did not go away.

“Inanna,” Ereshkigal moaned, “Look! Look at what you have done to me. I blame you completely! It is especially useful that you cannot deny me my anger at this moment, since you can’t even hear me!”

She shook her head. “I’m losing my mind, sister. Do you know why I sent down here, why I was reborn as the Queen of Shadows? I was raped, Inanna. Soiled, completely soiled. I stayed silent about it, until the rage throbbed in a cloud around me. Our family could no longer stand my pain, my frustration. They begged me to speak, to tell them of my discomfiture, but I did not relent. I could not. You see, I knew if I spoke, that I would fall into pieces, that I would not have the strength to go on.

“So they wept, and cried, and sent me down here.”


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~ by isiskali on November 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Descent of Inanna, Part Two”

  1. Deep very deep. Inanna and Ereshkigal…a favorite story shared between me and Antoine. Brings back memories…

    Love the new site Lady! Kudos to the WebMistress!

  2. *bows* Thank you!

    I still need to do Part 3…:D It’s coming, it’s coming…

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